During our product development and training, we produce many products. These products are made to practice and test new materials, sizes, hardware, machines, stitching, sizes etc. After three years of production we have found ourselves with an extensive catalogue of quality products that deserves the chanced to do more than just lay in a box, gathering dust!

Where possible, we try to utilise surplus or second fabrics rather then other types of materials such as calico to create prototypes as it helps us to:
  • Reduce waste
  • Use up surplus materials
  • Train new staff using quality materials similar to that of our production runs.
All money raised through sales of these sample bags will go directly into investing in resources to help train staff. 
The majority of the fabrics used are sourced or produced in the UK or original vintage fabrics.
Please see individual product pages for more information.
All products sold are samples. Finishing and fabrics may vary and should not be considered a reflection of Kalopsia’s quality standards.
Side note:
Each year the British public throws away over a million tonnes of textiles and a the vast majority of which could be used or recycled. “Non-clothing” textiles is making up 19% of all bulky waste in the UK and nearly 30% of these textiles are estimated to be re-usable.