Jul - Christmas Stocking


Christmas completed with a stocking stuffed to the brim with mini gifts and sweet treats. The Assemble Christmas stocking is a minimalistic, clean and structured stocking with a piping detail running through the side seam and loop hanging detail on the side. 
Keep it all in the same fabric, piping in a contrast colour or why not in different fabrics on the front, back and piping cord?

Suitable for most fabrics.

Material needed per item (for standard repeat patterns without orientation)

 Outer - 38cm (w) by 53cm (h)

Lining - 38cm (w) by 51cm (h)

- Please include 10% additional fabric for the stated requirements to allow of variation in materials.  

Finished measurements (Approx)

33cm (At widest point) by 50cm (h)

Additional information 

  1. Finishings
  2. Fabric requirements
  3. Label placements

*Estimates are created assuming a uniform repeat without an orientation - please ask a member of the team for more information.







Total material needed: 0.00 M

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